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Our Brand Story

Pacstar Financial Group’s mark is simple enough to draw in the sand and based on an L-shaped block, duplicated, reflected and rotated to create the appearance of an ascending, left facing staircase and an abstract, right facing ‘Iwa bird (frigate). To convey a sense of movement and growth, the staircase creates a concept that even if one is traveling left (or backward), they are still progressing upward. The ’Iwa compliments this mentality as a symbol of survival and prophecies to Hawaiians, commonly seen in Hawaiian art, tattoos, and the wayfinding star compass. Utilizing clouds to travel for months at a time, their bodies are built for extreme conditions such as turbulence and freezing temperatures.

Instead of fearing financial volatility, our clients should feel confident in the ebb and flow of the market, taking advantage of its fluctuations to ultimately attain financial independence.

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